Greater Boston

The Klarman Family Foundation works to expand access to the critical services and enrichment opportunities that help make Greater Boston a stronger, healthier and more vibrant place for all its residents.

The Foundation has longstanding relationships supporting a broad range of organizations that address the health and well-being of individuals and families in Greater Boston.  Our investments cluster around longstanding philanthropic interests, including bolstering a safety net, ensuring access to high-quality children’s mental health services, and supporting veterans and military families. As the Foundation matures we are exploring specific areas for more focused investments. At the same time, we remain committed to continuing to act as a nimble philanthropic citizen by responding to urgent needs and opportunities within the Greater Boston community.

As with all our investments, the Klarman Family Foundation values partnerships with other funders who strategically address critical social challenges.  For example, we leverage our funding to strengthen economic and educational opportunities for struggling individuals and families as a member of Strategic Grant Partners. We support the development of permanent housing for extremely low-income families as an investor in Home Funders. Through our collaboration with the Barr Foundation, we work to strengthen many local arts organizations, and supported the City of Boston’s efforts to develop a long-term cultural plan for all of its residents.

The Klarman Family Foundation has a particular interest in music education.  We believe that music is a powerful medium that enriches the lives of individuals and contributes to a thriving local community.  Our goal is to provide young people in Boston and across Massachusetts with the chance to pursue ongoing training in music to their highest level of interest and ability. In addition to providing operating grants to promote music training, an analysis of barriers to music education led us to establish an Instrument Fund and a music education and teaching artist fellowship program in partnership with the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

With the exception of the Instrument Fund, our grant making in Greater Boston is by invitation only.

Staff focused on this area: Jessica Levin Rittner, Jennie Segel, Laura Sherman, Malka Travaglini